Advanced Computer Systems Assignment Page

Word assignment--1

Target: The students will use a Resume Template to create a Resume

Resume Assignment Information

Word assignment--2

Target: The students will use templates to create their own business

First Assignment: Please create a "Intro to my Business Paper"

must be over 350 words and include the following:

  • The Name of the business and why you named it so
  • What you will be selling at the business
  • Why and how do you think this business could be successful
  • Where do you think you would place the business in this area and why?
  • Tell me why I would want to be a customer at your business

2nd Set of Assignments: Marketing of the Business

Main Targets: The Business must have the Following:

  1. A Business Brochure for the Week of September 8th-12th
    1. A Business Flyer or Ad
    2. A Business Invitation
    3. A Business Card

Create your own Business

Target: Using their skills with Spreadheets to do some weather tracking

Main Targets

  1. Creating of spreadsheet with Values and Labels
  2. Track the Weather of 20 different Cities around the world
  3. Keep a record of Highs and Lows for a specific time period for each day in the time period
  4. Use Formulas such as:
    • Average
    • Max and Min
    • Median
    • Geometric Mean(Formula name is GEOMEAN)
    • Average Deviation
    • Standard Deviation
    • Mode
  5. Create Graphs based on information gathered

The Big Summative Excel Assignment that you should do

The Weather Assignment

The Big Summative Excel Assignment that you should do---Part 2

Add these formulas and conditional Formats

  1. Click in the Cell where you want the formula to go
  2. Click the Fx Formula button.
  3. Type the name of the Formula that you want to use: for example "Median"
  4. OR list all and the go down the list alphabetically
  5. Click on the formula and then set the coloumn or row you are doing
  6. Click ok

  • You have to have these Formulas:
    • Average
    • Max and Min
    • Median
    • Geometric Mean(Formula name is GEOMEAN)
    • Average Deviation
    • Standard Deviation
    • Mode
  • Create Graphs based on information gathered
  • Target:

    Creating multiple Spreadsheets with formulas and running totals

    Stock Market

    Stocks Assignment

    Main Targets

    1. Creating of spreadsheet with Values and Labels
    2. Using Multiple Spreadsheets and formulas accross them
    3. Buy and Sells Stocks
    4. Create Graphs based on information gathered

    What will you have to do

    1. You must buy 15 Different Stocks
    2. You have 100,000 orginal dollars to use
    3. You will buy at the start of each week
    4. Then you will sell the stocks on the next Monday
    5. You will have to do these formulas:
      • Total for Stock Price bought * # of Stocks
      • Total for Stock Price sold * # of Stocks
      • Total for Total for Stocks sold - Total for Stocks bought
    6. Buy more stocks the next week with the amount you have from selling original Stocks

    Example of Stock assignment for week 1

    The Math & Business Collaboration presented by Ms. G

    Assignment # Assignment Name Link

    Gas and Taxes Spreadsheet

    1. Open the Gas and Tax Spreadsheet
    2. We are going to figure out mathematical equations to find: We are going to find values for the formulas based on spending $25 dollars for gas. We will find out how much of the money is spent on taxes and what the cost per gallon is without tax.
    3. You will learn the formula for figure out how much is spent on taxes for gas
    4. You will research gas tax for 20 different states (Oregon is the example)
    5. You will fill out the spreadsheet with the information obtained by you
    6. This is only a 2 day assignment (200 points).
    7. You will get 10 points for each state done by Tuesday 11:59 and 59 seconds. Anything turned in later will be only assessed at 70%.
    8. If you are late with this you can only get 70% no more
    9. Heads up, to do Part 2 you need to complete part 1.
    Click Here
    2. Create Your own spreadsheet

    You will make a spreadsheet.

    1. Open the next spreadsheet
    2. Enter the following headings: State Name, # of Gallons, $ spent on Tax, $ Spent of Gas.
    3. Enter the Information you obtain from your research
    4. Enter the Formulas at the bottom across all the columns
    5. Center the Title and Use Heading 1
    6. Center the sub headings and use Heading 2
    7. Change the $ spent on Tax and $ Spent on Gas to Currency
    8. Add Themes, Fonts, Colors, and effects to make it original
    9. Due by Thursday at 3 pm, no later
    10. For those who cannot remember and lack self discipline....text yourself. You need to turn this in by 3 pm on Thursday
    Click Here
    3.Part 3--Charts, Create Your own charts

    You will open to spreadsheet from part 2

    1. Create a Pie Chart based on the Average row for $ for Taxes & $ for gas Columns
    2. Create a Bar Chart Based on the States Column & Gallons of Gas
    3. Create a Bar Chart Based on The Median Info
    4. Create Bar Chart Based on Standard Deviation
    5. CreateColumn Chart Based on States & $ Amount of Taxes
    6. Create Column Chart Based on States & $ Amount of Gas
    7. Create a Histogram Chart Based on the States and the # of Gallons
    8. Create a Histogram Chart Based on the $ of Tax
    9. Add a Sheet (Click The Plus sign at the Bottom), and Create Line Charts Based on the Highest Row
    10. Create a Line Chart Based on Lowest Row
    11. Create a Sunburst Chart Based on States and $ of Gas
    12. Add a Totals row above the Average Row and Create a Line Chart based on the totals of the 3 Columns and Add it to the sheet you created
    13. You must Add some legends to 3 of the charts
    14. You must re-color 6 of the charts
    15. You must use different designs other that the originial on all charts
    16. You must have titles on 5 of the charts
    17. You will add 3 more Formula Rows; One for Average Deviation, Median and Geometric Mean
    18. Create the Formulas for Average Deviatiion, Median and GeoMetric Mean
    19. In Column F add in YOUR OWN WORDS what Mode, Median, Standard Deviatiion, Median, Average Deviatiion, and GeoMetric Mean. A definition that a 7th grade student would understand.
    20. This is Due Monday Night 11:59 pm.
    21. Highest grade after that is 70% after that time that was stated above. So read above and text yourself.
    No Link

    A 7 Week Vacation

    Main Targets

    1. Creating of spreadsheet with Information on a 7 week vacation around the world
    2. Using images in excel
    3. Create Formulas
    4. Use hyperlinks
    5. Research methods

    Going on Vacation around the World

    You will be going on a 7 Week vacation around the world. You will be going to the following places:

    1. Week 1: North America (Canada and US)
    2. Week 2: South America and Central America
    3. Week 3: Africa or Middle East
    4. Week 4: Europe
    5. Week 5: Asia (Russia, China and Japan)
    6. Week 6: Australia or India
    7. Week 7: Pacific Islands or Alaska

    You will fill out the Spreadsheet Provided (The Vacation Assignment Spreadsheet) with the following information:

    • Flight costs
    • Hotel cost for 1 week
    • Car Rental for a week
    • 4 images and background info for the images
    • 3 links for each city
      • Extra Info: For the Flights remember, you are Leaving the City you just were at in the previous week. So use that airport code when looking at flights. At the start, fly out of Portland or Seattle.

        Due November

    Stock Market--First Week in November

    1. The Basic Materials Group *(Exxon, Cheveron, BP, or chemical companies, metals and mining)

    2. The Consumer Goods Group *(Apple, Coke, Toyota, Pepsi, Ford, Procter & Gamble)

    3. The Financial Group *(Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Bank of America, CitiGroup, Chase, Visa)

    4. The Health Care Group *(Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck & Co, United Health Group)

    5. The Services Group *(Amazon, WalMart, Walt Disney, Home Depot, McDonalds, Starbucks)

    6. The Technology Group *(Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, Intel, Cisco, Facebook, Samsung)

    7. The Energy Group *(Exelton, Southern, NextERA Energy, Duke Energy)

    You should check out this link for these types of major stocks The Street

    Presidents Database Assignment

    1. Click on the LinkPresidential Database
    2. Save it on YOUR DRIVE AS Presidents
    3. Open the FORM (Not the Table) Called Presidents
    4. Fill in the Information on Every President Starting with George Washington
    5. You can use Wikipedia to find the information
      • The First Field is an auto Number
      • Last Name--Washington
      • First Name--George
      • First Year in Office--1789
      • Last Year in Office--1797
      • Party Affiliation--Whig
      • Vice President--John Adams
      • Age died--67
      • Good President--Yes
      • Insert a link to a Picture-- duh
      • Legacy--You write about some of the good or bad things that happened during their presidency
    6. Make Sure you save so that you do not lose anything
    7. Part 2 Queries Open this link Presidential Querries: Due around Thanksgivingish

    Food Database Assignment

    Click the Link here to get the: Food Database Assignment Info

    The Link to The National USDA Agricultral Library

    Or google: NDL/FNIC Food Composition Database Food Search Due February 28thish Next Create 10 Queries based on the facts you found out. For Example Foods with over 2 grams of dietery fibers (criteria >2 in the dietary fiber field) Foods with under and over 250 calories (That is 2 different queries) Foods with the vitamin C etc... If you do not understand I can help you on Monday!

    Spring Break Assignment

    Assignment List of awesomeness

    PowerPoint 1st Assignment

    PowerPoint Assignments April 2nd through April 19th

    Create A Presentation on a Non-Profit Organization

    Great Example


    Newspaper Final for the rest of the year

    Newspaper Final


    Who wants to be a Millionaire

    The Final!!!