Steps for College Credit Links/Information
#1. Link to WolfWeb to Apply to BMCCBMCC WolfWeb Link
#2. If you you do not have a BMCC Login go to hereNew Student Link
#3. When Logged in, click the link that says Register with Permission CodeThe 4 letter codes below will be the ones you use to resgister for my Courses
#4. When you click the link that says Register with Permission Code there will be a page where there is a box in which you type in the four digit codeExample: Accounting would be TXNW
If you are taking AccountingBA 111 Basic Accounting, 4 Credits--Code: DWZM
If you are taking Intro to BusinessBA 101 Intro to Business, 3 credits--Code: GUST
If you are taking Fundatmentals of Computer Systems

BA 110X Business Computer Applic/Excel, 3 Credits--Code: VKHD

BA 131 Intro to Business Computing, 4 Credits--Code: MTUT

BT 201M Word Processing, 3 credits--Code: XEJL

If you are taking Advanced Computer SystemsBT 121 Document Processing, 3 credits--Code: DMVH

BA 110A DataBase 110A 3 Credits---Code: KUYH

If you are taking Accounting 2BT120-3F Keyboarding, 3 credits--Code: DRCR