Intro to Business 101

An Introduction to Business -- BA 101 -- BMCC

Target(s): Chapter 1-- The U.S. Business Environment

Main Targets:
  1. U.S. Business Environment
  2. Main Targets:
    1. Defining U.S. Business & Main Goals:
    2. Identify external environments of business and how they affect business: The Five Components
    3. Describe Different types of Global economic Systems: Economic Systems and what are the Strengths and Weaknesses of each
    4. Look at this list of countries in this document, please tell me which are Traditional, Mixed, or Command Economies.
    5. Use this article on Supply and Demand for the next 3 or 4 assignments Supply and Demand Paper
    6. Explain the Importance of the economic environment to business: MBA paper

    Summative Assesment for Ch 1. TEST 2016-17

Target(s): Chapter 2 Business Ethics and Responsibility

Main Targets:
  1. How do individuals develop their personal codes of ethics?: Personal Ethics
  2. Due September 9th

  3. Why are ethics important in the workplace and what are those main ethics? Ethics in the Workplace

    Due September 9th

  4. Identify and describe four general approaches to Social Responsibility: Social Responsibility

    Due September 11th

  5. Describe 4 steps a business must take to implement a social responsibility program: The Social Responsibility Program

    Due September 14th

  6. Create your own Personal Code of Ethics Tips to Write a Code of Ethics

    Write down 10 Personal Codes of Ethics you believe in. Like the resource says, do not make them fancy. Just simple and straight forward.

Target(s): Chapter 3 Entrepreneurship, New Ventures, and Business Ownership

Main Targets: * Explore The Business Plan
  1. Download the Word Document Business Plan Parts and read this article The Business Plan
  2. Explain:
    • Sole Proprertorships
    • Partnerships
    • Cooperatives
    And discuss the advatages and disadvantges of each:
  3. Describe the different kinds of Corporations, explain their advantages and disadvantages: Types of Corporations
  4. 1. S Corporations

    2. General Coroportaions

    3. C Coroportaions

Target(s): Chapter 4 The Global context of a Business

Main Targets:
  1. Describe and define in your own words what is the Gloabal Market: Global Market
  2. Find at least 2 different ways each of these differences among nations affect international business or the Global Market:
    • Social Differences between countries and how it affects Global Marketing
    • Cultural Differences between countries how it affects Global Marketing
    • Economic Differences between countries how it affects Global Marketing
    • Legal Differences between countries how it affects Global Marketing
    • Political Differences between countries how it affects Global Marketing
    • List for me 5 Companies that are really good at Global Marketing and Why?

Target(s): Chapter 5 Business Management

Main Targets:

    Read this article: 4 Key Management Functions

    Then write me a synopsis of the article and answer these questions:

    1. What are the 4 Management Functions and what does a person do in each of these Management Functions (In your own words).

    2. If you were hired to be in Management, which of these 4 Functions do you think you would be the best at and why?

    3. and which would you need to most improvement in and why?

    A = 250 words or more

    B = 230-249 words

    C = 201 to 229 words

    Tell me what Management Function we are talking about Which Management Function is it _________________________________________________________________

    Take these quizzes:
    Leadership Skills: Take this quiz to gauge your leadership strengths and weaknesses. After scoring your quiz, read the explanations below your score to see where you are strong, and where you need improvement.

    Leadership Style: Take this quiz to assess your leadership style and find out whether you tend more towards being an Ambassador, Advocate, People Mover, Truth-Seeker, Creative builder, or Experienced guide. Each style is defined, and you may be equally strong in one or more.When finished, send me a document that tells me what you learned and what type of conflict manager you are and what that means.

    Conflict Management Style: This questionnaire was designed to help you identify your preferred style of conflict resolution. When finished, send me a document that tells me what you learned and what type of conflict manager you are and what that means.

    A = 250 words or more

    B = 230-249 words

    C = 201 to 229 words

    This article identifies different types of mangers likely to be found in an organization and explain which ones are more your style and which ones are not your style : Types of managers. Please send me a 200 word e-mail identifying which 2 management styles you think you are and which 2 are not you and why.

    A = 200 words or more

    B = 180-169 words

    C = 168 to 149 words

    Take this quiz: Basic Management Skills Test and then copy and paste your results into an email and send them to me.

    Management Quizes

    2. How is your Time Management

    3. How employable are you

Target(s): Chapter 6 Organizing the Business

Main Targets:
What to Do Assignments
You will create a Report Named: Organizing A Business Must Be MLA Style

*Last Name and Page Number in a Header

*Double Spaced

*First and Last Name

*Mr. Gebers

*Intro to Business


*Add the Title: Organizing a Business Centered, Bold and in all CAPS


In the First Part of this Report, Describe the Differences between these 2 Building Blocks of a Company; Specialization or Departmentalization AND find examples of companies that are Specialized and Departmentalized. AND then tell me if you were running a business which one would you choose and why?

Specialization vs departmentalization as two of the building blocks of a Company

Part 1

In the Second Part of this report, Describe the Differences between these 2 ideas behind Building a company; Centralization vs DeCentralization AND Find examples of companies that are Centralized and DeCentralized. AND then tell me if you were running a business which one would you choose and why?

Centralization vs Decentralization

Part 2

In the Third Part of this Report, Describe why a company would want to hire Employees vs Independent Contractors and give me examples of companies that do each. AND then tell me if you were running a business which one would you choose and why?

Independent Contractors vs Employees

Part 3

In the Fourth Part of this Report, Describe What is Delegation of Authority and when is a correct time to use Delegation of Authority.

Delegation of Authority? When to use it

Part 4

In the Fifth Part of this Report,

Explain the differences between these organizational structures(2 to 3 Sentences), and then which structure is the one you would choose for your Construction Company:




3 of the Org. Structures

Part 5
Discuss Factors that influence a firm’s organizational structure: Construction Company Factors

Target(s): Chapter 7 Operations Management and Quality

Main Targets: Define Operations Mangament from various Restaurants

Assignment: Click here for the Assignment

Part 2 is here Supply chain Management and the Image of a Supply Chain

Target(s): Chapter 8 Employee Behavior and Motivation

Main Targets:
  1. Describe why there should be differences among employees for a successful business:
  2. Identify and summarize the most important models and concepts of employee motivation: Models for Employee motivation and Model for Employees
  3. Identify some of the strategies and techniques used by organizations to improve employee motivation: Motivation Strategies

Target(s): Chapter 9 Leadership and Decision Making

Main Assignment #1:

Leadership and Decision Making

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Study of Leadership
  3. Situational Approach to leadership
  4. Styles of Leaders
  5. Describe transformational and charismatic perspectives on leadership: Leadership Approaches
  6. Main Assignment #2:

    Leadership and Decision Making

    1. Identify leaders as coaches: Leadership as a Coach

Target(s): Chapter 10 Distributing and Promoting Products

Main Assignment:

Distributing and Promoting Products

Target(s): Name of Business

  1. Introduce the Business you are intending to create
  2. Determine the Needs of the Location of the Business
  3. Location ideal for your business
  4. Growth Potentional
  5. Proximity to Suppliers
  6. Labor availability
  7. Law and zoning regulations

Main Assignments:

  1. Business Type and Location Information

  2. Please click the link; Executive Summary and write an Executive Summary for your business including a Company description

  3. Business Description Monday and Tuesday

    A business description usually begins with a short description of the industry. When describing the industry, discuss the present outlook as well as future possibilities. You should also provide information on all the various markets within the industry, including any new products or developments that will benefit or adversely affect your business.

  4. Consider the following series of questions when writing your business description. These questions apply to most small businesses. Feel free to skip any questions that don't pertain to you.

    What problem do I solve for my customers?

    Who is my typical (target) customer?

    How will I communicate with my target customer?

    What products and/or services will I provide? Are there any products or services my customers may expect me to provide that I don't plan to provide?

    Where will my business be located?

    Where will I buy the products I need?

    What hours will I operate?

    Who will work for me, and how will they be paid?

    Who will handle critical tasks such as selling, ordering, bookkeeping, marketing, and shipping?

    How will I advertise and promote my business?

    What are the competition's strengths and weaknesses?

    How am I different from the competition as seen through the eyes of my customers? (Make sure that you answer this question from a customer's perspective and not from an owner's point of view.)

Target(s): Market Analysis

Define your market place
  1. Industry description and outlook
  2. Target Market--who are types of people you are targeting
  3. Market Size
  4. Growth Potentional
  5. Competive analysis--What are your competitors
  6. Window of opportunity and barriers to your company

Marketing Strategy

Print this link marketing plan, and think about your buyers and how are you going to get to them. Fill out the Marketing Plan: Marketing Plan Form Creating a Marketing Strategy
  1. Create a Business Brochure
  2. Create a your business
  3. Create an opening day event flyer
  4. Newsletter
  5. Door to Door Leaflet
  6. Website

Target(s): Report on Marketing Strategy

Create a Report Based on you Marketing Strategies

Information needed in the report:

• Your Business information

• The Product information you researched—aka what are the main selling items in your business

• Costs—What you researched last week

• Profit—How much you are going to sell it for to make a profit

• Customers—Who are your customers

• Competition—Who are you competing against for your customers

• Marketing Mix—How are you marketing the products (We did this two weeks ago, pick the ones form the Brochure, to the Website, etc.. that you think will help you the most and which ones will help you the least.

• Introduction and conclusion

• A works cited page on where you found your information

The Report Infromation can be found here: Click Here

The Stock Market Game

First Week of the Stock Market Game

Log: Into your Stock Market Portfolio

1. Click on Stock Market Game Stock Market Game

2. On the Top Right Hand Corner Click the Box Log In

3. Type in your User Name and Password

NB & VC: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ46 Password: IYWE1502

ABB, AC, & LM: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ47 Password: APP21934

ABG & ARR: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ48 Password: POOB2090

GCC & MG: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ49 Password: WSR30126

JGC, DGM, & EH: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ50 Password: XPC18318

AK: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ51 Password: APC31892

SK: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ52 Password: IMK14002

HLL & BMM: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ53 Password: DGTO3246

CMA & EM: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ54 Password: DUW24633

BMM & YO: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ55 Password: NNR26086

BMR & VMM: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ56 Password: QEQ15548

DMP & NTG: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ57 Password: TGC19132

AW: Team Login Username:OR_87_ZZ58 Password: RMQ22891

4. Start thinking about buying, stocks, bonds, etc..

5. Buy Stocks, Mutual Funds, Bonds, etc...

6. Spend your $100,000 and try to make some money!

Stock Assignments

First download these questions and answer them: Stock ?'s

Next you need to buy at least 25 shares from these different sectors of the Stock Market

1. The Basic Materials Group *(Exxon, Cheveron, BP, or chemical companies, metals and mining)

2. The Consumer Goods Group *(Apple, Coke, Toyota, Pepsi, Ford, Procter & Gamble)

3. The Financial Group *(Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Bank of America, CitiGroup, Chase, Visa)

4. The Health Care Group *(Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck & Co, United Health Group)

5. The Services Group *(Amazon, WalMart, Walt Disney, Home Depot, McDonalds, Starbucks)

6. The Technology Group *(Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon, Intel, Cisco, Facebook, Samsung)

7. The Energy Group *(Exelton, Southern, NextERA Energy, Duke Energy)

You should check out this link for these types of major stocks The Street

What are Mutual Funds and what are the benefits and weaknesses of a Mutual Fund.

Summative Assesment--Buying of the Stocks and Mutual Funds, You Must buy the 7 Stocks, Sell 1 of your stocks replace it with 1 Mutual Fund By Friday March 18th.

2nd Summative Assessment--You will Create a 10 slide PowerPoint Presentation based on these main areas

*The Stock Market

*What is a Stock

*What is a Share

*What is a Bond

*What is a dividend

*What is an issue of Stock

*What is a Mutual Fund

*How do you Sell Short

*How do you buy and Sell shares

*How do you diversify a porfolio

If you copy and Paste you MUST also include a Slide that is a Works Cited page that includes all of your sources. You must also put an in-text citation in eveyone of the slides that includes the website that you cited in that page. Otherwise, you might want to put it into your own words. You will fail if you plagerize.

Investment Questions: Click here for the assignment

Investment Questions: Click here for a PreTest to the Test (Answers are below the PreTest so you can check how you did)

Investment Questions: Click here for a PreTest 2 to the Test (Answers are below the PreTest so you can check how you did)

Investment Questions: Click here for a PreTest 3 to the Test (Answers are below the PreTest so you can check how you did)

Investment Options: Click To look up these S & P stocks and buy 5 of them

Business Loan Proposal

What you need to create a Business Loan Proposal correctly

1. Write the Description of the Business

2. State the Company Goals

3. Describe the Company Management

4. Describe the products and Services that you are Selling

5. Write and present your marketing strategies

6. Add in Financial Projections

7. Write your Executive Summary/with Cover Page

8. Complete the Loan Application

9. Present your Business Loan Proposal

10. Write a Thank you letter to the people who listened to the Proposal

I have not set the date for this because I need to get people to be here to watch them. But think Middle to Late May.
  • Shark Tank Paper

    • You will pick 6-10 Products being talked about on the Show Shark Tank
    • You will create a 500 for Seniors or 750 for others; worded paper based on this info
    • Papers are due for Seniors the Last Day of Class, for everyone else, 2 days before school ends
    • Here is a Word Document with the info: Shark Tank Information

    The Marketing Flyer instructions for the Wednesday Social Key Points for a Flyer

    Article on What goes into a Business Loan Proposal How to Set up your Business Loan Proposal

    The Last 2 Assignments

    1. Write the Thank You Letters
    2. Take this Personality Survey Click Here